Upgrade Your Home Security System

In this guide we will explore the various ways in which local tradesman in Lincolnshire can upgrade the security systems in both your home and vehicle.

Even during the pandemic when people spent more time at home, car thefts in Lincolnshire increased. The majority of car thefts are done when the key of the vehicle is compromised and there are various ways in which a car thief can compromise the locking system in a vehicle deepening on the locking system used by the vehicle.

Why you should invest in additional security methods

By government decree, the manufacturing and retail sectors were forced to close in 2020 due to the pandemic. People across Lincolnshire and the UK were forced stay at home so what was the purpose of manufacturing products if people were not actively buying them? It was the same for vehicle dealers and factories that were also shut down. In order to avoid further losses, car manufacturers and suppliers stopped ordering raw materials or other products. These parts were not just needed for new cars, but for older models that had to have parts replaced. The result was that car sales dropped around 30% in the UK after the initial lockdown. However, there was a rebound in vehicle demand once the lockdown ended. Businesses continued to do business, so employees needed to return to work. New and used cars, as well as commercial vehicles, were in high demand. However, supplies were limited due to factory closures and the order cancellations meant that there was a lot of demand for replacement parts.

The Pandemic Resulted in an Increased Demand For Used Car Parts

Both parts and vehicles were suddenly in shortage. The shortage of parts led to a drop in the number of used cars as their parts were actively being used to fix vehicles in garages. The parts would usually be sold through salvage yards. Due to the shortage of parts, production demand outstripped supply. You had no choice but to buy a second-hand part if you could not get a replacement.

In 2021, there was a surge in car thefts due to a shortage in vehicle parts. Thieves utilize a wide range of methods to steal vehicles that have the parts they need. They utilize traditional methods such as Hanoi burglary, or exploit vulnerabilities in the technology with the vehicle to steal it. There are many ways that thieves can steal cars but this article will explore the ways in which you can improve the security of your vehicle to tackle each method

Different types of car theft

Relay theft and keyless entry theft are more common in cars than another type of vehicle. It is worthwhile to invest in additional security measures if you have vehicle that use keyless technology. Two thieves are involved in the relay theft process. They target vehicles which are parked close to the vehicle owners home. Two devices are used - an amplifier and a relay transmitter. These systems can work together to trick the car into believing the key which is used to remotely gain entry to the vehicle is nearer than it actually is. This allows the car to be opened, switched on, and driven away. This method is growing in popularity across Lincolnshire as well as across the UK. They can purchase the necessary equipment for as low as £100. One of the ways in which a vehicle owner can protect their vehicle is by blocking the signal coming from the key, which will increase your chances of preventing keyless car theft. Many keyless systems have an idle/sleep mode. If your vehicle does not have that, you can block the signal by storing your keys inside a metal container. The Faraday pouch provides excellent protection against keyless vehicle thefts. It is important to ensure that your keys are able to fit in the Faraday pouch, which can only be used for credit cards.

Hanoi burglary occurs most often in Scotland, Wales, and the North of England. The criminal enters the house of the victim by force and then steals their car keys. Operation Hanoi was initiated, to tackle this growing type of theft across the UK. Ensure you keep your keys safe, like in a lock drawer which will hinder criminals at their first hurdle.

The theft of Turbo decoders involves targeting manual doors locks. A turbo decoder works like a modern key. The spigots match the form of the keyhole, and the key is reproduced. This device is often combined with other theft methods. Turbo decoders are available online, which is worrying because it is used by locksmiths to gain access to vehicles. This type of theft can be prevented by multi-layered security. Tracking systems and immobilisers can also help.

Another method to gain entry is transponder key cloning. The keys of the victim are often obtained through unscrupulous car wash or garages. The criminals use this device to clone car keys. The criminals then copy the code of the stolen key onto an online blank key. After the key is returned, the original key can be copied onto a blank key that can then be purchased online. Usually the key clone is used to steal the key. Before you give your car to a garage or valet, make sure they have the correct credentials. Car key cloning is a common crime that happens later. You should have extra security measures such as gearstick locks and steering wheel locks to keep your vehicle safe.

On-board diagnostics (OBD), which provides information about the electrical system of the vehicle, is available. This device is used by most repair professionals to assess the condition of the vehicle. Criminals can access this device to gain valuable information about the vehicle. After getting access using either a turbodecoder or other method, the device can be placed in the OBD port. This is typically located under the dashboard. The criminals will be able to download all the data stored within the vehicle, including the code that is unique to the key, from this point. In a similar fashion to key cloning, a duplicate key can be created. Multi-layered security is recommended to help this. Even if criminals gain access to your car, it could prove difficult to get the steering wheel lock and handbrake locks out. While a vehicle tracker would not prevent your car from being stolen, it can help authorities recover it.

The electronic control unit works functions in the same way as a computer or laptop and controls the engine and other functions. This technology is easily stolen by thieves but can also be used to steal other functions. Criminals are more likely to attack commercial vans that have been stored in storage overnight. The blank ECU is usually taken from a scrapyard and used by offenders. Combining this with another entry method, such as a turbodecoder or turbodecoder, the thieves could replace the whole ECU. This is why physical security measures are recommended. You should ensure that your vehicle is secured if you plan on leaving it overnight. Regular surveillance of your CCTV system is a must.

Another method used by car thieves is keycode grabbing. Criminals often wait in supermarkets and public parking lots to steal electronic keys. They use an electronic tool to capture the key code and lock the vehicle. The code can then be saved to a blank key. This can be done with physical security, such as a steering locking device. Be aware of any suspicious activity in your carpark.

A GPS jamming device may be used by some thieves. These thieves may use a GPS jamming device to steal additional security features, rather than the vehicle itself. Many people have a GPS tracking device installed to help locate their vehicle in case it is stolen. Offenders may use devices to block the signals of GPS tracking devices during theft, so that it is not tracked down by law enforcement or the owner. This problem would not apply to cars with a Tracker system. They use VHF technology instead of GPS. Criminals cannot jam this system.

You Can Also Protect Your Vehicle Using These Methods

People assume the security system in their car will protect it, or that their vehicle is too advanced too be targeted. Although a theft might never occur to you, it is a significant risk to every motorist who might be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Security is an important issue that requires many considerations. We have compiled the top tips to improve the security of your vehicle. You can reduce your chances of having your car stolen by using any one of the tips, but if you combine them all, it will be much easier to sleep at night.

Get a good quality tracking device

Tracking devices can help keep your car safe. Good quality devices will tell you whether your car has been stolen or not. They can also be hidden easily and provide a user interface that allows you to set up notifications and check status. Although tracking devices often need monthly subscriptions they can prove to be invaluable in helping you locate your car stolen.

Install an ignition isolator (kill switch)

The kill switch, which is hidden under the dashboard of the car near the engine compartment, separates the fuel pump relay from the ignition line. You can wire your kill switch in many different ways. Its primary purpose is to disconnect a critical line so that the car starts. It could be your fuel pump relay or the battery line. These are easy to put in by professionals and can be hidden so that your car is not easily stolen even if the key is taken.

Use a high-quality wheel clamp

Good quality clamps will withstand heavy loads and resist the elements. The purpose of the clamp is to stop wheels from turning. It makes it difficult to drive and makes it very difficult for thieves to get a tow truck. The anti-towing protection provided by a clamp will depend on which wheel you clamp. It is not possible to move a vehicle from the rear without lifting it onto a trailer. If a car is being towable from the rear, the front wheels turn, which will causes the car to swing. If you place your car facing the wall, or any other obstruction, then you will get double the protection.

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